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Five Popular Christmas Presents For Your Dog

Five Popular Christmas Presents For Your Dog

Your dog is probably one of your family’s most treasured members so today we want to share five popular Christmas presents for your dog. So during the festive season, it’s definitely the best time of the year to show your dog just how much you love them, even more than you usually do. Dogs are wonderful companions, but if you have never previously thought about buying something for them for Christmas, then maybe now is the time! Let’s take a little look at five popular Christmas presents for your dog that are both practical and fun for them and you!

five popular Christmas presents for your dog

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  1. Fun treats – every dog enjoys a treat; but of course not all treats are good for their health or for their teeth. There are plenty of treats that are good for dogs, including chews and for the holidays, peanut butter and pumpkin can be great festive treats. There are so many tasty options available, so are you looking for long lasting dog treats? This is a great way to keep costs down and have treats that last a little longer for your pet. 
  2. five popular Christmas presents for your dog

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    Cozy blankets – during these cold winter months, your dog can feel the slog of the bitter weather. They may spend more time indoors, exercising and snuggling up on the couch with you, so why not look at buying them a lovely cute cozy blanket that they can enjoy. Another great alternative is soft toweling and even cosy dog coats for them when they are out walking. Knitted jumpers are a cute item for your dog, they can wear them indoors and outdoors and fit snuggly, keeping them warm and cozy and can be easily washed after messy walks. 
  3. Get personal! It isn’t just humans who can enjoy having personalized items, a lot of stores online offer personalized gifts for dogs; such as dog leads, dog collars, dog name tags, enamel food bowls, dog keyrings and even a storybook to read with your dog!  
  4. Dog bed – you probably haven’t thought about buying your dog a new bed for Christmas, as toys probably take a priority, however, a new bed is also important to your dog’s physical health. Look for beds that are orthopedic memory foam beds are best for dogs bone health and this is particularly good for dogs that are a little older. Some beds are also waterproof which stops any accidents in the night or with younger puppies. 
  5. Dog carriers – this is a fun gift for both you and your dog if you have a smaller dog or puppy that you want to take around with you. Dog carriers are snuggly bags that you wear on your shoulder and you can keep your pup with you at all times. They range from inexpensive to luxury, so the choice is up to you what is the best fit for your lifestyle. 

So whatever your choice is this year for your dog this Christmas, make sure it’s a cute one; with plenty to choose from above, your dog will be overjoyed when he/she rips open his gifts this year! 

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