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How to Get Lea Michele’s Classic Waves and Other Styles

Braided Fishtail Ponytail
Channel your Wonder Woman vibes with a sleek, no-hassle look that is both edgy and refined.  First, comb mousse through towel-dry hair and loosely blow dry with the 
Pro Dry ($150). Make sure to brush your bangs downward with a quality nylon brush like the Mini On Set Brush ($26). Next, smooth hair with the Ceramic Styling Iron ($169) to ensure that hair looks sleek. Now, secure the hair in a ponytail at the crown of your head. You’ll want to separate the hair into three sections and create a three-strand braid until you reach one-third of your ponytail. Have some clear elastics on hand to tie off the braid. For the next third, create a fishtail braid and use your clear elastic to secure it. For the last third, you’ll repeat step one by creating a three-strand braid and tying it off with an elastic. For a flawless finish, wrap a small strand of hair around each elastic.

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