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Our Top 5 Favorite Beauty Vloggers

Our Top 5 Favorite Beauty Bloggers
Let’s face it the internet has almost monopolized our entertainment spectrum. From online magazines like Cliche to netflix and of course YouTube. Less, is the time spent watching actual TV and more is the amount of time in front of a 13 inch screen. Otherwise known as our laptops. Anyone obsessed with beauty is typically then obsessed with YouTube and it’s numerous beauty bloggers. We all have our own preferences so here is a culmination of our top 5 favorite beauty vloggers we want you to check out!

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This girl is an umbrella of categories. 18 and freshly graduated from home schooling Cambria, otherwise known as “bree” shares her makeup and fashion tips. But the reason shes on this list is that she focuses on the deeper level of beauty we often tend to neglect, that being of inner beauty. Her videos always hold a positive message and always bring a smile. Shes a fitness enthusiast and inspired my own growth in achieving a healthy lifestyle. She is definitely someone worth checking out!


Carli Bybel:
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Now I may seem a bit bias picking out a fellow Jersey Girl, but Carli really knows what shes talking about. She started freelancing in high school and decided to make Youtube videos to help her clients when she wasn’t around. Shes truly inspirational with her positive and laidback attitude. Whether you’re preference is subdued or bold, high end or drug store Carli will have you covered!


Grav3yard Girl:
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Quirky girls unite! Bunny lives in the good ol heart of Texas and is SASSY to boot. For those who like to step off the beaten path, Bunny is the girl for you. She has a variety of fashion, makeup, hair tutorials. She also does a lot of product reviews otherwise known on her channel as “Does this thing really work”. Even if her style isn’t your taste, she really is worth a watch if you need a good laugh.



This is for all our natural product lovers!Kassie is a Canadian who loves to eat as clean as she can and looks to our Earth for beauty remedies. If you want to find someone who knows her stuff and can help find the right beauty and life regime that connects you to a more natural side, Kassie is the right girl for you. Oh, and shes pretty witty too.Brains and beauty!




California Girls you’re undeniable, and Jenn Im is no exception. She has a cool laid back vibe, and pretty indie taste in clothing. If you’re into the underground scene and like to stand out, in a cool way, this is the girl for you! She has awesome content on how to attain her effortless style, makeup tips and awesome adventures.

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