The Art of Jewelry Layering

This season is all about layering. While statement pieces will always be a go-to to uplift a simple outfit, there is an attraction to being able to invest in a piece that will be with you for the long haul. We want a piece we can wear with a tee and jeans as well as cocktail dress and heels, a piece that will be with us for years. While investing in long-term accessories sounds like a very grown up decision, it does not have to be all work and no play. The best way to wear these simple jewels is to add depth by layering them.

One of the latest trends in jewelry this season that quickly made its way from the runway to our favorite brands, shops, and showrooms is the choker. If you are looking for a more modern twist on this iconic piece, Vanessa Mooney has a great selection of chokers that also double as statement pieces. Unlike the more casual fabric bands that wrap closely around the neck, these pieces have layers, and are bold and eye-catching.
Long Layers
It is quite an art to select the appropriate accessory to highlight your outfit in just the right way. To make the proper decision there are multiple aspects that must be considered, from color, weight, and length. While most often the last piece of the outfit that is selected, jewelry requires some debate. With the layering trend, some of the work is taken off our plate. If you are someone that prefers the simplicity of dressing, look for long necklaces that include the various tiers. If you dare to experiment, pick up necklaces in varying lengths, textures, and colors and pile them on. Another option is to find a long necklace and wrap it around, giving the illusion of multiple.
Much like the stackable ring trend, bangles are not only limited to rest right on the wrist. The layering aspect of the bracelet has the ability to extend up the arm, and create an expansive look much like the layering of necklaces. Adding solid beads to metals and leather is a way to tie in the aspects of the outfit. On the other hand, arm cuffs with colorful displays of art are a great way to layer with a long or dramatic earring to match.

Anthropologie, Aleria Cuff by Siblia, $128

Anthropologie, Aleria Cuff by Siblia, $128

There are no limits to a trend, especially one that involves layering multiple dimensions of an item. There is so much room for creativity and depth. Take some of these tips and tricks and create your own layered inspired look.
Photo Courtesy of Forever 21

Photo Courtesy of Forever 21

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