The Joy of Vintage Clothes Shopping: How to get Started

There is definitely something special about unearthing a stunning item that hails from a different era, but looks as though it was designed and made just for you.
Many serious fashionistas would agree that vintage clothes shopping is a very pleasurable experience and can also be very rewarding, when you find something beautiful that is from a different era and has a real bargain price tag.
Spot The Difference
Vintage DressThe most frequently asked question asked by fashion fans is what is the difference between genuine vintage garments and second-hand clothes?
Probably one of the easiest explanations and rules to guide you in this regard, would be work on the basis that you can often find vintage items in what can be termed as thrift stores, but you won’t find glaringly obvious thrift items on display in a vintage store.
The term vintage is often used to describe something that is perceived to be above the ordinary and when it comes to clothing, it is a term that aptly describes that a garment has a timeless quality or a cultural significance.
Starting Out
There are certain hotspots around London which are perfect venues for finding vintage and retro clothing and these are worth visiting to get a feel for what you are looking for ant maybe pick up your first vintage item.
Camden Market is a prime example of a London venue where fashion aficionados will head for in search of their next inspirational item. If you are visiting somewhere like this in order to get your collection started, look for a timeless classic, which you can then wear many times over and appreciate its finer qualities of style and design.
A little black dress from the 1960’s wouldn’t be a bad starting point or something that might be a bit basic in some respects, but still spans the fashion decades with consummate ease.
Getting To Know The Eras
Vintage red dress
If you are adding to what is a contemporary collection in your wardrobe already, the easiest era to shop would be the one that is closest to present day but still qualify as vintage.
If you concentrate on clothing that was made fashionable from the 1960’s onwards, you have more chance of finding what you want as these items are in greater abundance than vintage clothes before this time.
If you do select clothing from an earlier era, there is no doubt that a dress from the 1920’s or 30’s would be absolutely stunning, but you might find it harder to incorporate vintage items from these eras, a little more difficult to incorporate into your personal style.
The best advice for starting a vintage clothing collection is to take your time choosing a style and era that particularly appeals most and works for you in terms of looks.
Take Your Time
Spending money on a whim when you see something you like, rarely works in the long run. Take the time to do your research and learn about the different fashion eras by visiting shops and markets that specialise in these items.
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