Janelle Monae Redefines Tuxedo and Pantsuit Fashion

What a privilege it is to be on the same planet at the same time as Janelle Monae and her brilliant mind. After blowing us away with her latest masterpiece of an album and narrative film, Dirty Computer, it’s impossible to deny her utter genius. She shakes us with her music, her acting, her tuxedo fashion? Yeah, that’s right, tuxedoes are no longer just for men and pantsuits are no longer just for the office! Janelle Monae redefines tuxedo and pantsuit fashion with each magnificent, unique outfit. It’s hard to believe that someone this incredible puts on her pantsuits one leg at a time like the rest of us. Behold some of the looks she had to offer us just in the last year.


Janelle Monae wasted no time in 2018. Starting already on January 25th, she graced the Warner Music Group Pre-Grammy Party with a matchless Christian Cowen pantsuit. The newspaper-like print covers the suit in a trendy pattern with red detail in the sleeves to add a tasteful splash of color. To top it all off, a wide-brimmed black hat makes this pantsuit outfit extra classy.


Three days later, Janelle Monae walks the red carpet in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo with a feminine touch. The all black suit is laced from the wide-leg hem all the way up her sides, around her shoulders, and drizzled over her arms with intricate and colorful flowers. Her waist-hugging blazer and classic bow-tie against her white top adds a sense of well-earned pride in her stature. For anyone who thinks tuxedoes are just for men, you need to gawk upon this look and think again.


A month later at the Wrinkle in Time premier, Janelle Monae walks away from the black and white attire and struts right into something a little more vivacious. From sleeves to hem, this Wolk Morais suit is a rock solid, hot pink showstopper with perfectly placed white detail. The saturated color gives a vibrant vibe while the white balances the look into something a bit softer and dreamier. Her beauty makes her hard to miss to begin with, but with this ensemble, she is certainly turning heads every which way she goes. Only two months into 2018, and Janelle Monae has redefined pantsuit fashion yet again.


Powerful. That is the word that smacks you in the face when you gaze upon Janelle Monae’s look at the Vanity Fair Oscar party this past March. This Christian Siriano pantsuit makes Janelle Monae look like she is about to rule the world! (We could only get so lucky.) The all red color gives her that effortless daring edge while the attached skirt draping behind her makes her look as if she could glide through the paparazzi. Her tapered waist and hips gives Janelle Monae the perfect shape to absolutely kill it at the party.


As if taking our breath away with her album wasn’t enough, Janelle Monae shocks us with her unique look at the film screening of Dirty Computer. Who knew it was even possible to combine two different animal prints into a tuxedo and look amazing? On one half of her tux, she sports a traditional black suit while the other half brings out a wild side of tiger print followed by a leopard print tie. This look is bold, exceptional, and genius which reflects the artistic Janelle Monae quite perfectly.


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