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We have all been through breakups, some stories more painful and complicated than others. Sometimes you can tell which people have had their hearts broken just by looking at them; they have rage in their souls and a little more fire in their eyes. Austin-based Jamie Batiste took the turmoil of heartache and turned it into something remarkable: Rejected Hearts Club. From her creative drive to her fearlessness, the jewelry designer shares her journey from a dark heartbreak to a glistening and sparkling business. 
Cliché: The name Rejected Hearts Club is pretty self-explanatory, but can you give us a deeper insight into how this business started?
Jamie Batiste: Five years ago, my boyfriend at the time broke up with me unexpectedly and publicly at a hotel, claiming he needed to ‘find himself.’ I went into a deep depression and needed another outlet to get my mind off of things. I went into a craft store and thought, “I bet I can make a necklace.” I made my first few pieces and wore them to work and got some great feedback; people actually wanted to buy some pieces. I was in the shower one day, where I get my best thoughts, and immediately thought of the name Rejected Hearts Club. I purchased the domain name and the rest is history.

Is it difficult to talk about this situation from your past?
Not at all. We all have a past and the past is what creates our future. You grow from it and move on. I’ve been through many other tough struggles and still maintain a smile every day. I’m still friends with that ex and I have a business from it, so who could be upset at that?

Did you expect to find such a lovely and bright light at the end of the tunnel?
I had no idea what would have come out of that rough moment in my life. I’m such a tomboy on the inside and never really even wore jewelry until I started making it. Fast-forward to now, I own an incredible business and inspire others; it’s such a remarkable thing that I’m very thankful for.

So what is a typical day for you?
Besides going to bed around 4 AM each night, I wake up and work out to help get my mind motivated. I make a to-do list of things I need to get done by the end of the night so I can stay on track and feel accomplished. Next, I look at orders that come in from our wonderful customers, update social media, update the blog, and brainstorm new designs and concepts for the brand. At night I squeeze in another round of exercise, cook, and when I have down time, I binge-watch reality shows with friends; it’s one of my guilty pleasures.

What inspires your designs?
Confidence. I love seeing people that walk around without a single care in the world, people that don’t care about what others think of them. I design from my head and go from there. I run a few tests with friends to see if they would wear certain products or not, which is how items make it into the store.
The Triple Bead Bracelet has been a classic piece for Rejected Hearts Club. How did this design come together?
Everything for me comes in threes, so you’ll find a lot of designs in threes. All of the triple beaded bracelets are classic and timeless. You can’t go wrong with a touch of rose gold and pearls.
Can you explain your three theory?
I’ve always felt like the number three means something. It could just be me being superstitious, but I was the third child born and I always believe that things turn around in threes. The Rejected Hearts Club motto is: ‘The story of three hearts.’ The heart you gave away, the heart that was rejected, and the heart you give back. The math behind it would be a positive to a negative and back to a positive.
If you had to choose one, what is your favorite piece from your collection?
That’s a hard one, especially since it depends on the day and activity. I do tend to love standing out in a crowd, so I would say our White Russian Earrings are a favorite. They’re very versatile and can go from a day look to an evening look. People always give me compliments every time I wear them, and what girl doesn’t like attention?
The store also carries pieces for men. What is it like designing for males?
Designing for men is just like dating a man: very simple and no extra fluff. Our cufflinks have a very clean and classic look for a gentleman that loves being sophisticated or the gentleman that is making a transformation in his style.
Are you working on any other projects?
Yes, we are working on a leather line for men that can also be unisex for ladies. I can’t wait to launch that part of the line, so stay tuned.
What is next for Rejected Hearts Club?
We are working on a YouTube channel that will tie into our blogs about love, sex, breakups, relationships—all that fun stuff. I can’t wait!
If you can pick one person, who would you love to see rock Rejected Hearts Club?
I am such a Bravo TV fan that I would adore seeing any of The Housewives rocking the line, or Andy Cohen wearing our men’s pieces.
Fun Facts with Jamie
Favorite color?
Favorite food?
Pizza. I think I need to go to pizza rehab.
Favorite hobby or what you like to do when you aren’t working?
I love to travel. I also run half marathons and enjoy cooking for people.

Any pets?
No pets; I’m a girl with commitment issues. Pets are like babies and there is no way I could commit to having that in my life at the moment.

Favorite musician?
Music is life, especially when going through heartbreak. Right now you can catch me listening to James Bay, James Blake, Damien Rice, Aquilo, but we all have those songs to jam out to in the car and make our own music videos with Top 40 Radio.

Get Gifting
Got someone special on your holiday list? Rejected Hearts Club makes a great gift! From gorgeous stones to delicate chains and bold beads, the jewelry by Rejected Hearts Club is charming and reflective. The brand features heart shaped stones and pendants, while also honoring “the story of three hearts” by repeating designs in each piece by groups of three. The Rochelle Necklace is delicate and subtle, with dangling marquise accent pendants, and comes in gold and silver. The Triple Bead Lavender Quartz Bracelet features beads that add a pop of color to the gold metal chain. The eye-catching bracelet comes in several color variations and can easily jazz up an outfit. Made from brass and resin, the exquisite Blue Diva Heart Ring shines from every angle. It features an adjustable band and looks amazing with a black manicure. Fix your bruised heart with some retail therapy at!

Stud My Heart Earrings, $23.99

Triple Lavender Blush Bracelet, $42.99

Blue Diva Heart Ring, $21.99
Blue Diva Heart Ring

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