It’s You, Not Me Episode 7

Joey Russo plays Luke in It’s You, Not Me
Photo ©Kenny Jensen

Cliché: Tell us about your character in a couple of sentences.
Joey Russo: Luke is a guy who is no different than any other guy looking to settle down. His problem is that he has found himself constantly dating women with many issues.
Have you ever played this role in your own personal dating life?
[Laughs] Well, yeah, I feel if you’re a guy who has dated, you definitely have found yourself with some “less than ideal candidates.”
What do you like/dislike about your character?
The thing that I like most about Luke is that he is always down to try anything. He rarely plays the victim card. He is hopeful!
Tell us about your most memorable experience while shooting this series.
The fun! Everyone involved in the project were people that I was very familiar with, so to be shooting with friends was the best experience.
How did you come to be a part of this project?
I was studying with the director, Lauren Nadler Patrice, and she approached me to read some scenes. We did and here we are.
What was it like working with your longtime teacher wearing the director hat?
It felt great knowing I could trust her; the familiarity was comforting.
How collaborative or how much freedom did you have to “play” or improvise on the set?
They were always open to try whatever creative impulse I may have had.

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