It’s You, Not Me Episode 6

In preparation for the first, second, or tenth date with a person, we sometimes self-obsess on the idea of our potential One. Almost immediately, we’re bombarded with a flurry of questions we ask ourselves: Is he or she The One? Could this be the person I’ve been looking for? Or, if we’ve crossed the first date, we’ll ask, “What will happen next?” In  It’s You, Not Me Episode 6, Karen and Luke are anxiously preparing for their upcoming dates with their friends, and are nervous for what’s to come of the night. Karen believes that since it is her second date with Thomas, her “latin lover,” that he must be “the one.” However, her friends seem to have their own opinions on the subject, while Luke’s friend, Ben, gives him his patented pep talk.
The night’s hilarious events will leave you cracking up or relating to the situations our protagonists find themselves in. Read on and find out what the cast members thought of this unpredictable episode and what they think of their characters.
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Director:  Lauren Patrice Nadler
Cinematographers: Abe Portillo and Steven Jared Mangurten
Editor: Jason Koczanowicz

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