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Anastasia Buchinskaya Interview

Take a look at some extraordinary creations that are both fashionable and artful. Fashion designer and illustrator Anastasia Buchinskaya merges these two creative outlets into gorgeous masterpieces. Can you imagine something like that hanging on a wall in your room? It’s a definite conversation-starter for sure. We’ll take all of them, please! Check out our exclusive interview with this talented woman on how she creates such astonishing art. We’re sure you’ll want to grab one of her pieces, because we sure do!

Cliché: To say the least, your art pieces are absolutely astonishing. How does your creative process start?
Anastasia Buchinskaya: First of all, thank you for appreciating my work! It’s always a pleasure to hear that people love my pictures. It usually starts from inspiration, an idea from the latest stunning collection, a new technique I want to try, great works of other illustrators, and so on. I really like travelling (particularly to Italy, a great country where fashion and style is in the air) and drawing. I can continue without sleeping and eating; it’s kind of a natural passion for me. Travel helps me keep a fresh eye on the process. I study the works of great classical illustrators, but not only those who focused on fashion. I like hand graphics and I mix that with digital art, experimenting with a visual effect that sometimes provides me with unexpected, but great, results. I draw every day, searching for new composition, nice lines, or interesting colors. All of these factors generate a lot of ideas for new projects in my brain. Now I’m establishing my own style, which will be different from other illustrators, so I can say my creative process never ends, and it’s very exciting.
Are there certain designers/advertisements that inspire you to create?
I don’t have just one; there are tons of them. I follow great creators on Behance and Instagram, and they help me get focused every time. I really love the works of some street style photographers like Zhanna Bianca and Eleonora Sebastiani. They work with models, colors, and composition in an amazing way. Speaking about designers who inspire me, I can say that in general, Italian stylists have a natural taste of color and style. In their works, fashion looks like high art almost every time.
Even though you feature fashion in your art pieces, you still put your own style into it. How would you describe your personal style?
I’m still in the process of establishing my personal style. I’m doing every illustration as a finished painting with bold lines and spots. I love to finish it with a computer to invent new textures and effects. My dream is to invent a style that will be recognizable.
How did the invention of creating art mixed with fashion begin?
I think it started in my childhood. I’ve drawn fashion since I was 3 years old. I used to go with my parents to the Hermitage and Russian museums, where I saw art from all around the world. At that time, I fell in love with art for the rest of my life.  My university was filled with painting classes, fashion, and the history of costume. At that time, I experimented with color and graphics as much as I could. Then it was a period of sleeping where I almost did nothing in terms of illustration, and after two years in art-filled Italy, I started illustrating on a permanent basis.

How do you believe your art has evolved over time? Does it change as fashion does each season?
It doesn’t change each season, but for sure, the world is changing so fast that there are a lot of events happening every day that without a doubt influence my illustrations. I usually search for a proper way to mix instruments to illustrate the main idea of a brand or collection in my own interpretation. There are some projects where I try new techniques and effects.
Are there any upcoming pieces we can get excited about?
There are a lot of upcoming pieces that I have and that I have to work on. To keep the surprise as sweet as it should be, I’ll just say that to stay tuned about my creative process you can easily find me on Instagram, Facebook, Behance, and mainly on my personal website,
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Anastasia Buchinskaya Interview: Artwork by Anastasia Buchinskaya

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