See How Jon & Kate Gosselin’s 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years

See How Jon & Kate Gosselin’s 8 Kids Have Grown Up Through the Years

Jon defended his son, telling People in a statement, “It took courage for Collin to sit down and speak about his past and the last thing I would have expected was more abuse to come his way from a sibling that hasn’t seen or spoken to him since he was in sixth grade.”

So, it wasn’t too surprising when Kate posted a photo in honor of the sextuplets’ 20th birthday this month that only featured Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel. It was a rare share, though, neither parent splashing the kids’ pictures on social media too often. 

Jon’s most recent family pics of himself with Hannah and Colin were taken at their high school graduation last spring.

Incidentally, Kate was also there, but the exes did not mingle.

“Hannah invited Kate,” Jon explained to People, “and we saw each other, but there was a whole football field between us.”

During a May 12 Instagram Live session from “somewhere in South Carolina” in between DJ gigs, Jon noted, “I can’t believe they’re 20…I wished all my kids happy birthday publicly.”

Seeing the six, let alone all eight, all-grown-up Gosselin kids together again would indeed be a momentous event. But while they’re busy doing their own thing, keep reading to see the siblings’ transformation through the years:

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