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It seems as if Austin and Ally’s on-again, off-again relationship is both difficult and easy at the same time. How would you describe it?
There’s no doubt that Austin and Ally really care about each other. They want to be in each other’s lives, no matter what. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely both would like to romantically be involved in each other’s lives, but that part is quite complicated.
How tight-knit is the cast off set?
It’s difficult to describe just how close the cast is, but let me just say this: I don’t think I’ve ever been as close with people I’ve worked with for the past fourteen years that I’ve been acting. I love the cast SO MUCH!
What instruments do you play, other than the keyboard, which we see on the show?
I actually only know how to play the piano. I’ve been playing since I was nine, and I love it so much. I would love to learn how to play the guitar. It would make my life so much easier, and I’ve been wanting to learn for forever.
Do you have any other hidden talents?
I can actually tap dance! I’ve been tap dancing since I was about six years old. It’s definitely my favorite type of dance!
What are some of your favorite TV shows?
I really like Homeland, Game of Thrones, The Newsroom, Switched at Birth, Boy Meets World, Utopia (the British show), and Gilmore Girls.

Jumpsuit: Contrarian New York; Necklace: H&M

Your sister, Vanessa Marano (who was on our cover this past February), is also in show business. Do your busy careers make for a hectic household?
Our schedules definitely make for a very hectic household! We are usually in different time schedules, so it makes seeing each other quite difficult sometimes.
What is the most challenging aspect of your career?
I think the most challenging part of my career is how time consuming it is. I constantly have to reschedule stuff in my personal life because of things in my professional life. It can be pretty tough, but it’s the life I chose, so I have to adapt.
Are you working on any projects that we should look out for?
I finished two movies during Austin & Ally’s hiatus. One was an independent movie called A Sort of Homecoming. The second was a Disney Channel original movie called Bad Hair Day. Both will be coming out in 2015. I also worked on music a lot during this hiatus, which has been so amazing. I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on!
For such a young woman, you’ve already accomplished so much. What advice do you have for anyone wanting a career in show business?
It’s such a difficult business, and it requires quite a lot of effort. If you work hard at it and never forget how much you love it, it is inevitable that you will be successful. It may not be this year or in five years, but it will happen!
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This Laura Marano Interview titled “Never Say Never” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Dec 2014/Jan 2015
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