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Jocko Sims Interview

If you don’t know who Jocko Sims is, you really should look him up. He’s appeared in some of television’s finest dramas, such as Cold Case, The Shield, Crash, Masters of Sex, and now, The Last Ship. He’s worked with some of the greatest actors on the small and big screen, and he is a captivating actor who can seamlessly dive into any role, no matter how different they may be from each other. We managed to steal away some of Sims’ time to talk about The Last Ship, the series that sets a new standard for viral outbreaks and military believability, and get some insight into some of his other work.
Cliché: With your character Lt. Carlton Burk in The Last Ship having gone from a recurring character to a main one, will we get to find out more about his past during this season?
Jocko Sims: What I can tell you about Burk this season is that you will definitely see another side of him—a “softer” side, as in comes a young lady who captures his interest.  
How did it feel going from a show like Masters of Sex to The Last Ship?
I loved playing Robert on Masters of Sex, as he is a very detailed, complicated character. I had a lot of material I could dive into. I found transitioning into Burk for season 2 of The Last Ship extremely enjoyable. It was cool jumping into the role of a tough guy who kills bad guys and becomes a hero. I get the best of both worlds!
Would you say he has been your favorite role to play thus far?
Yes. By far, Burk is in my top three favorite roles, or jobs, that I’ve had. It’s so far out from other roles that I’ve played, and I get to perform stunts. It’s the best job in the world.
Jocko SimsWhat about landing a role as a crazed, psycho killer? Is that a role you would like to tackle someday?
I’d welcome a role like that with open arms! I’ve always wanted to play “the bad guy” in a film. I want to know what it’s like to tap into that sort of character.
In March, the film Petting Zoo came out, which focused on a teen pregnancy in the South of Texas. What about the story drew you to want to be a part of such a weighty topic?
The thing that attracted me the most to that film was its setting—San Antonio, TX—the city I grew up in. The high school that the main character attends is a real school in the same district that mine was in. When I just so happened to read the script, I reached out to the director to ask her if I could play the counselor in the film… and I was very happy she said yes!
Will you be returning to sci-fi movies like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes anytime soon?
I would love to. The thing about sci-fi fans is that they ride with you for life. I shot a film with Holt McCallany called White Space, which is basically Moby-Dick in outer space. That should be out next year. It was so much fun.
Lastly, any clues as to what will happen this season on The Last Ship? Will all the fan-favorite characters make it to the end?
We’ll be getting some fresh new talent coming on this season, which we’re excited about. We also have a new enemy who is a threat to us and the nation… and perhaps the world. And lastly, much like Game of Thrones, on The Last Ship… no one is safe.
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All photos were taken by Diana Ragland. Jocko Sims Interview originally appear in Cliche’s Spe/Aug 2015 issues as “Out Of This World”

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