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Interview With Adam Korson

Adam Korson, a Canadian born actor, has just recently swept our TV screens in the CW series sitcom SEED. Over the past few years, Korson has played many roles, ranging in film, theatrical, and television, some of which include ABC Family’s Nature of The Beast, CBS’s Two Broke Girls, Lifetime’s The Protector, Breakfast with Scot, and Patrick Marber’s Closer. Korson’s success did not happen overnight, even though it seems like it with all the buzz about his role in SEED. He has always dreamed about being an actor and he pursued his dream until he accomplished it, and it has truly paid off.

IMG_9619doneCliché: Can you tell us about SEED and the character that you play?
Adam Korson: SEED is about Harry, a loveable and irresponsible bachelor/bartender, who finds out that a sperm donation he made during his younger years resulted in a few children. In the first season, two of his children tracked him down and wanted Harry to be a part of their lives. Then, of course, there is the girl who wants to have a baby and accidentally gets inseminated with Harry’s sperm. There is some resistance at first, but very quickly this group of strangers turn into a new modern family.
I play Harry, with all of his charming and bachelorhood qualities, which can sometimes be childish and manipulative in order to get what he wants. On the other hand, he is a caring human being with a big heart. He is the first person to say sorry and the first person to defend the ones he loves. Without him realizing it, this new family fills a void inside of him that he didn’t know existed.
How did you feel when you landed the leading role as Harry Dacosta?
I was thrilled—not only because I loved the character and script, but because I was so excited to start this journey with a wonderful team, from the producers, to the cast, to the crew. It was the first script I had read in a long time where I actually laughed out loud.
How is it like working alongside your co-stars?
We have such a great time on set. We’re always pulling pranks and being silly. We refer to ourselves as “La Familia.” There’s a feeling on set that is freeing and allows each person to create a fun and supportive environment, which is rare in this business.
How did you prepare for your role in SEED, or your roles in general?
It really depends on the role. I understood Harry very quickly because I saw a lot of myself in him. But some roles can definitely be more outside of your realm of experience or knowledge. Therefore, in order to embody the character, sometimes research needs to be done. That research is not only reading and educating yourself with various resources, but finding ways sometimes to experience it yourself.
Do you have any other projects that you are working on?
There are two things I’m currently working on right now. One is a recurring role on the new Bravo series Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, and the other is a documentary surrounding the solutions to bullying—an important film that needs to be done. For more info and to see a trailer of that, you can visit
In 2013, you were named one of the fifty most beautiful people by Hello! Magazine. How did you feel about that?
Beautiful…?  I laugh every time I hear that because it really is weird.  In a good way, I guess.  I know it’s a cliché, Cliché, but I truly believe beauty comes from the inside. If you’re not beautiful on the inside, I don’t care how you look on the outside.
Have you always dreamed about being an actor? If not, what can you see yourself doing instead?I actually wanted to be a number of things as a kid. I wanted to be a doctor, a lawyer, a fireman, a cop, a football player… I still want to be a football player. Then I realized I didn’t actually want to be any of those things (except for the football player). I wanted to be what I was watching on-screen. And so, at a very early age, I started to focus on acting and this business.
When you are not busy working, what are some hobbies that you enjoy doing?
I love being outside, so you’ll find me hiking or mountain biking, or in the ocean surfing or swimming. I also love going to the movies. There’s something about getting popcorn and sitting in a room full of strangers looking at a big screen that is exciting and relaxing for me.
Well, since we are in the midst of summer, where would you say your dream vacation spot would be and what would you be doing there?
I’ve been wanting to go to Hawaii and Cape Town for a long time, so I would jump at either of those. And what would I be doing? Whatever it is, it would be a mix of adventure, relaxation, and pleasure.
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Interview With Adam Korson “Hit the Ground Running” was originally published in Cliché Magazine’s Aug/Sept 2014 Issue

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