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Dallas Hart Talks ‘Greenhouse Academy’ and More

Rising star Dallas Hart is a man of many talents. In addition to acting, the Michigan-born heartthrob is a dedicated musician. Most recently, he collaborated with singer Tiffany Alvord. First appearing in popular shows like Rizzoli & Isles and The Fosters, he currently stars as Leo in the addictive Netflix teen drama Greenhouse Academy. We chatted with Hart about the show, his musical role models, and what he’s looking forward to on the horizon—for both his character and himself. Regardless of which talent he’s pursuing, one thing is for sure: Dallas Hart is certainly a name to watch.


Cliché: Tell us about your Netflix show, Greenhouse Academy, and your character, Leo.
Dallas Hart: I’m one of the leads on the show. The best way to describe Greenhouse Academy is it’s kind of like Harry Potter without the magic. There are two teams—The Eagles and The Ravens—and they have competitions with each other. I’m the leader of The Ravens. They’re more artsy as opposed to The Eagles, who are more athletic.

How closely does the show mirror the Israeli original?
The shows are actually very similar to each other and rightly so. The original was a huge hit!

You’ve said that you are very similar to Leo. Would you say there are any differences between the two of you? Have you learned anything about yourself through playing him?
Yes, Leo and I have a lot of similarities and many differences as well. I think he’s a little too competitive at times, which I’ve been working on in my own life. You don’t have to win every time. But he’s a great leader and talented musician so those are things I strive to accomplish in my own life.

If you could play any Eagle character, who would it be and why?
I would probably be Parker. He has a kind heart and is the comedy man everyone needs in life.

Leo has quite the messy love life! Fans certainly seem to have vocal opinions about who he should be with. Were you surprised by the intensity of the reaction? Who do you prefer him with?
I think Leo should be with Haley, too! They shared such a strong connection, but hopefully he didn’t mess up too bad. I’m really glad the storyline had such an impact on the fans and I hope they enjoy the next season.

How would you like to see Leo develop over the next season?
I’d love to have Leo see his wrongs and try to do right by them.

Beyond acting, music is your other passion. Who are your biggest musical inspirations?
I really love Jon Bellion; he has such a unique style and his beat-making process is incredible.

Any upcoming projects that you’re excited about?
I filmed a couple features this year and they should be coming out at the beginning of next year! I’m very excited to see them.

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Dallas Hart Talks ‘Greenhouse Academy’ and More: Photographed by Jin Jang