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IMG_2664cropsmallOver the span of her career, Schull has landed a number of guest roles on shows such as Bones, Grimm, Hawaii Five-o, and The Mentalist. She also had recurring roles as Katie Ryan on seasons seven and eight of One Tree Hill, Meredith Sorenson on seasons one, two, and three of Pretty Little Liars, and as Katrina Bennett on seasons two, three, and four of Suits.

Many of her recurring roles have been for characters with some dark secrets, which Schull said is exciting and interesting to portray.

“Everyone has a secret, whether it is large or small,” she said. “I think that saying the words that are written in a script while having a particular intention or motivation that might not necessarily be known to everyone else in the scene is more exciting to embody as an actor and more thought-provoking to view as an audience member.”

Schull’s last feature film was Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar (2011), which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Armie Hammer, and Judi Dench. 

Schull said there are benefits to both television and film and doesn’t have a preference for either.

“I love the luxury of time that is afforded with film, being able to spend a day really perfecting a scene, and with television, I love that a character can be explored over several episodes or even seasons,” she said.   

As for the dancing that dominated much of her life, Schull said she misses it, but hasn’t left it entirely behind.

“I think being a dancer will always be a strong part of who I was and who I am,” she said. “I continue to take ballet classes three to four times a week, and I am still friends with a lot of dancers, so I am involved in the community. When I go home to visit, I often teach or watch performances [at Ballet Hawaii].” 

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