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Why Kanye West Walked Out During Kim Kardashian's Saturday Night Live Monologue


In the May 5 episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian revealed what exactly sent Kanye West out of the room during her monologue on Saturday Night Live.

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There was definitely one person not laughing at Kim Kardashian‘s Saturday Night Live monologue: Kanye “Ye” West.

In the May 5 episode of The Kardashians, the SKIMS founder revealed that her ex—who attended her October hosting gig—walked out during her monologue, and surprisingly, it wasn’t Kim’s jab about divorcing Kanye because of “his personality” that upset him.

“He wished I said the word ‘filed’ for divorce,” Kim told sister Khloe Kardashian. “And he was upset that I also said he was a rapper. He said, ‘I’m so much more than a rapper, I can’t believe you said rapper.'”

In a confessional, Kim noted that her intention wasn’t to offend Kanye and that the monologue was meant to poke fun at everything that was personal to her. “It’s all fun and games,” she added. “And, apparently, it wasn’t to him.”

While talking with Khloe, Kim revealed that she was frustrated, as she’d previously stood by Kanye during “speeches and things that have not been the most comfortable for me.”

Khloe chimed in, “Not even just speeches. Strong public stances he’s taken in many different areas that might not be your stance, but you were his wife, and that’s what you do. But how is that fair for you?”

Kim went on to note that Kanye is “so used to getting exactly what he wants,” but that she was ready to shut that down when it came to her,

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