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Whoopi Goldberg Teases Meghan McCain With Viral Response After Going Off Topic On ‘The View’



April 8, 2021 12:59PM EDT

Whoopi Goldberg questioned if ‘The View’ would ever come back from commercial break after Meghan McCain went on a tangent about Alexei Navalny, instead of dating.

The “Hot Topic” was supposed to be about whether it’s wrong or not to date your best friend’s ex-husband, but Meghan McCain had a different idea on The View. After Whoopi Goldberg exasperatedly declared that “nobody cared” about anything they were discussing that day, Meghan took the opportunity to redirect to something she’s passionate about. The co-hosts just had to sit back and watch it happen.

a lot to unpack here

— Déjà The View (@dejatheviewpod) April 8, 2021

Meghan routinely wears a shirt that reads “Free Navalny” on The View. It’s a reference to Alexei Navalny, a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin who is currently imprisoned and on a hunger strike. “My thoughts on this topic are that Alexi Navalany is sitting in a Russian gulag right now, and he’s slowly being killed, and the United States is doing nothing, and we need to hold Putin accountable… save Alexi Navalny, that’s how I feel about dating your ex.”

She then threw to commercial, saying “we’ll be right back.” A truly baffled Whoopi gave an awkward laugh and said, “will we?” with an ominous tone. Meghan said she hoped that was the case. Spoiler alert: all was fine, and the episode came back, as normal, with guest Leslie Odom Jr.

That didn’t stop fans of The View from honing in on the moment. Twitter flooded with hilarious tweets after the episode aired.

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