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White Professor Allegedly Posed As Black Woman To Bully


Published Yesterday

A white male professor from the University of New Hampshire allegedly posed as a “woman of color” to bully fellow staff members.

Craig Chapman has been fired for reportedly secretly tweeting under the name The Science Femme and handle @piney_the to criticize progressives, transgender people, and people of color to his 13,000 followers.

According to the school’s newspaper, The New Hampshire, in a June 30 post on Twitter, Chapman tweeted, “I was successful in killing my dept’s woke statement on recent social unrest,” calling it “a toxic ideology that cannot be given an inch.”

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He also bragged about “removing all woke terminology from the statement including anti-racism, white supremacy, white privilege, and claims of systemic racism.” Both Chapman’s personal and burner accounts have since been deleted.

Chapman also allegedly used his fake account to combat claims of sexism and racism, even as in reality he was perpetrating the identity of a woman of color.

“You know I’m a woman of color, right? Racist,” The Science Femme account replied.

In other posts, he claimed to be “an immigrant woman of color who grew up in poverty, sleeping on a dirt floor.”

Chapman is the latest in a series of white people who have faked their race.

In September, Black Lives Matter organizer Satchuel Cole, admitted she is white and had been pretending to be Black for years, apologized to the community and promised to get therapy.

Of course, the most famous example may be Rachel Dolezal, a former chapter president of the NAACP, who was outed for pretending to be Black in 2015.

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