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Watch Dolly Parton and Noah Centineo Play True Confessions on The Tonight Show


Noah Centineo tricked Dolly Parton on The Tonight Show segment “True Confessions” with a story about accidentally locking his dad in a meat freezer.

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Noah Centineo is a liar—and a good one at that! 

The To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star faced off against Dolly Parton and Jimmy Fallon on the Feb. 5 episode of The Tonight Show, and told an epic story about how he locked his father in a meat freezer. 

Fallon’s game has his guests pick between true and fake stories to tell the other contestants, with the goal of convincing them that they are the real deal—even if they’re totally made-up. Centineo, whose third film in the Netflix romantic comedy franchise To All the Boys: Always and Forever drops on the streaming platform Feb. 12, spun a tale about how he accidentally locked his father in a meat freezer for two hours.

The Fosters alum explained, “I was 9 years old, and I panicked, and like, I tried to let him out.”

Of the reason why he was touring a restaurant, Centineo claimed—with a great deal of confidence—that it was because his dad “owned a restaurant back then.”

“He went in there, and I closed the door, and I realized that it locks from the outside, but I didn’t know how to unlock it,” the 24 year old added. “I was embarrassed to tell someone.” 

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Eventually, Centineo’s story convinced the “Jolene” singer—though it didn’t work quite so well on Fallon, who declared that Centineo’s “true confession” was a bunch of baloney. 

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