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Virginia Teacher Fired For George Floyd Question


Published 16 hours ago

A Virginia chemistry teacher has been “relieved” of their duties after asking students to describe how George Floyd was killed.

According to The Washington Post, an unidentified chemistry teacher included a question in an assignment that read, “George Floyd couldn’t breathe because a police officer put his ____ George’s neck.”

The correct answer was “neon,” which is a chemical element. It’s not clear why the teacher used Floyd in the question.

Faculty became aware of the question after students complained.

Arlington Public Schools spokesman Frank Bellavia said the teacher has been “relieved of teaching duties pending an investigation.”

Superintendent Francisco Durán also sent the following message to staff and parents, “As part of a class exercise, an H-B Woodlawn [Secondary Program] teacher shared an example with students that showed significant racial insensitivity. The content referenced the killing of George Floyd in an unacceptable and senseless way, which hurt and alarmed our students, staff, families and the community.”

He added, “The reference showed extremely poor judgement and a blatant disregard for African American lives.”

The principal of H-B Woodlawn will meet with staff and students.

According to school data posted online, 4.4 percent Black and nearly 58 percent White,

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