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Vin Diesel Reveals the Role His Daughter Played in Meadow Walker's Wedding in Emotional Tribute


How Meadow Walker Keeps Paul Walker’s Legacy Alive

Paul Walker may be gone, but he’s not forgotten.

Vin Diesel joined the rest of the Fast and the Furious family in remembering the late actor on Tuesday, Nov. 30, eight years after Paul died in a car accident.

Vin took to Instagram to look back on the impact Walker had on his family, writing about the time they were filming Fast & Furious 4 and the advice Paul offered during a pivotal moment in his life.

“I told you that I was about to have a baby and didn’t know what to expect at the hospital which I was heading to after work. Will never forget what you told me,” Vin recalled. “You said a lot of tough guys will tell you to wait out side of the delivery room, but that’s wrong. Go in there, actually cut the umbilical cord and it will be the best day of your life.”

He continued, “You of course, was talking from experience, having already an angel of your own.”

That “angel” he’s referring to is Paul’s daughter, Meadow, who asked Vin to walk her down the aisle when she married Louis Thornton-Allen in October. 

Vin referenced Meadow’s nuptials, saying, “Tragedies in life are always followed by life’s blessings if you just stay open and have faith.”

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“The same angel that you helped me prepare for in the most beautiful way with your brotherly advice is the same angel that precious Meadow asked to be her Maid of Honor,” he added. “How could I have known that back on the 2008 set of Fast…

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