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All the Celebrity Drama and Scandals That Have Been Served Up Over the Holidays


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Grab a knife and fork, it’s time to dig in.

No one has to tell you that, along with all the tidings of comfort and joy, tensions tend to run high during the holiday season (which, as far as we can tell in 2021, started in August). Whether it’s the stress of preparing what’s supposed to be the best meal ever to please the most exacting vegans and carnivores, exhaustion after scouring the planet (or at least every corner of the Internet) in search of the perfect gifts, the anticipation/dread that comes with seeing relatives you only get/have to see around this time, or just the lingering ill effects of the sun going down at 4:30 p.m.—oy vey to the world, the angst has come.

And you don’t have to remind the celebrity world of that.

Because for all the picture-perfect Thanksgiving tables, cozy scenes of exes and their new significant others cheerily making it work for the kids and families of five in matching Christmas pajamas… there have also been some downright disasters that no one is bragging about on Instagram.

Statistically speaking, any day is ripe for a disaster, but—not only is there no such thing as a scandal slipping through the cracks just because it occurred after business hours or on a holiday weekend—drama that takes place at this time of year can’t help but get stuck in our heads, like that last smudge of gravy that’s just become a part of your china pattern.

Here are some wild happenings to remember:

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