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These 15 Secrets About John Tucker Must Die Are Pure T-Money


Sophia Bush Talks Revenge in 2006: Live From E! Rewind

They don’t make ’em like they used to.

Which might be for the best in the case of John Tucker Must Die, the 2006 cult-classic comedy starring Jesse Metcalfe as a shameless teen lothario brought low by the girls he was two- (and three-) timing, but who starts to glimpse the error of his ways once he meets Miss Right.

Even if Kate, played by Brittany Snow, is just pretending to be his match in order to exact revenge on behalf of his scorned exes.

“He kinda deserves his comeuppance,” Metcalfe admitted to E! News when the movie came out, quick to acknowledge that he knew John Tucker was bad news. Though not for playing the field, per se

“I’m not saying I’ve never been in a situation like this before but, you know… I’m not really this kind of guy,” he said. And looking back on his deceitful title role with more hindsight years later, the actor was quick to disavow the character’s worst qualities.

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“His sense of entitlement, his misogyny, his dishonesty…where do I begin?” Metcalfe told Glamour in 2019, wincing his way down memory lane. “There’s a total recklessness in which he dealt with the hearts of four adolescent, young women whom he both manipulated and used.”

Before this gets too dark, though, let it be known that we can appreciate John Tucker Must Die for the of-its-time comedy that it is, one that the cast had a blast making.

“We clicked so fast,” Sophia Bush,

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