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Succession Recap: We're Not Sure Which of the Roy Siblings Made Us Squirm More


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The Roy siblings may’ve been in Italy for their mother’s wedding, but they sure knew how to make the getaway all about them.

In the Dec. 5 episode of Succession, titled “Chiantishire,” the children of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) proved just how messy they really are.

Let’s start with oldest sibling Connor Roy (Alan Ruck), who chose to propose to his paid-for-girlfriend Willa (Justine Lupe) after a journalist began asking questions about their relationship. To make matters worse, Connor’s not-so-grand gesture took place at an event celebrating his mother’s wedding, which is just rude. Of course, Willa’s response didn’t help, as she couldn’t bring herself to say yes or no.

“If it’s OK, I’m smiling now like you said yes,” Connor told his maybe bride while wearing a terrifying grin.

And that’s not even the most awkward thing to happen in “Chiantishire.” Shiv (Sarah Snook) had us squirming in our seats during a weirdly condescending romp with husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen).

After her mom told her that some women aren’t made to be mothers, Shiv drunkenly returned home and promised Tom that she’s willingly to have a baby. As the pair began to fool around, Tom invited Shiv to boss him around by calling her “mistress.” However, Shiv quickly spewed out a series of insults, leaving her husband rattled the next day.

“It kind of got into the realm that you don’t love me,” he admitted to Shiv. “Sometimes I think, should I maybe listen to the things you say directly in my face when we’re at our most intimate?”

Rather than assure him that their relationship is fine,

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