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Taylor Swift Crashes Pete Davidson’s ‘Three Sad Virgins’ Music Sketch On ‘SNL’



November 14, 2021 12:05AM EST

Taylor Swift did more than just perform on ‘SNL’! The singer surprised fans with a hilarious appearance in a sketch on the Nov. 13 episode, hosted by Jonathan Majors.

Taylor Swift, 31, made an unexpected appearance in a Saturday Night Live sketch! The “Love Story” singer popped up in Pete Davidson‘s hilarious musical sketch dubbed “Three Sad Virgins” about three of his friends (who denied that they were virgins). “It’s not about you at all!” Pete assured his friends before going on to say they don’t have “any swag.”

Taylor Swift sings in the ‘Three Sad Virgins’ sketch. (NBC)

“I thought this would be a fun thing for all of us — if not, let’s just end it,” Pete said to his protesting friends — but had one condition: they get through the bridge of the song! Taylor then popped in non-chalantly. “Hey Pete,” she said, as the guys seemed more enthused. Calling one a “sad Ron Weasley” (as in, the Harry Potter character) who looks like “Big Bird who lost all his feathers,” Taylor slayed her LOL-worthy addition to the song.

She noted the next friend had “the sex appeal” of a “scarecrow,” then questioned how John “stayed up” with his “big fat melon” (in reference to his head). “Because they’re three sad virgins — what? Three sad virgins, ohhh,” she sung, touching one of their faces. “And they’re going to die alone,” she added, closing the sketch!

Taylor unexpectedly appeared during the Pete Davidson sketch on Nov. 13. (NBC)

Taylor and Pete seemed at ease on stage, which could have been awkward given her past tense history with his apparent latest fling,

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