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‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Christine Admits Things Are ‘Stiff’ In Her Marriage To Kody



November 28, 2021 11:00PM EST

Long before Kody and Christine Brown announced their split, they were on different pages about how to handle COVID regulations, and it played out on the Nov. 28 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’

On this week’s episode of Sister WivesKody Brown once again found himself at a standstill when it came to how he and his family should handle the quarantine and social distancing rules amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The episode was filmed during August of 2020, just five months into the pandemic. At the time, all four of Kody’s wives and their respective children were quarantining separately, which left mixed feelings within the group.

While Kody and Robyn Brown wanted to continue the strict quarantine regulations, Janelle Brown and Christine Brown were willing to be a bit more relaxed. Janelle’s children were especially adamant that the entire family should be quarantining together, in the same bubble, but Kody and Robyn did not agree. With Hunter Brown heading back to college on the show’s Nov. 28 episode, Kody organized a socially-distanced meeting with the entire family on their massive Coyote Pass property.

kody christine brownKody and Christine Brown on ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC / Courtesy: Everett Collection)

“Things between Kody and I are a little stiff right now, but it’s a family barbecue and we haven’t gotten together for so long,” Christine admitted. “So all of that is just put away and we’re going to have a great time.” The main issue in Kody and Christine’s relationship was that she wanted to move back to Utah, but he had three other wives to think about, as well, and they didn’t want to pick up and move again.

More tension rose between the couple when Christine revealed that she was scheduling a surgery for the pair’s daughter, 

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