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Singer-Songwriter Rebecca Crews Steps into Spotlight with New Single “Destiny”

Being the wife of a celebrity may seem enchanting and exciting, but it can also lead to judgments and people jumping to conclusions when you want to break out with your own career. So that’s why Rebecca Crews, wife of megastar Terry Crews, decided to pursue her music career under an alias, Regina Madre. But now, she’s stopped hiding her true identity and with that, released her heartfelt ballad, “Destiny”, which is a powerful story about choices. We chatted with singer-songwriter Rebecca Crews about her experience performing as Regina Madre, the emotions and feelings that she got after completing her new single “Destiny” and her support for health-centered causes.


Cliché: What attracted you or inspired you to want to want to become a singer?

Rebecca Crews: I started singing when I was 8 years old in my church choir. I started playing the piano when I was 9. I started writing my own music when I was 10. Then I started my own choir when I was 13. Later on, as my children got older, I began to feel the creative flame burning again in my heart about performing. My last two songs have been played on the radio.

How much work and motivation did it take you to start working towards that goal?

It was a lot. It took me a period of time to define the genre that I wanted to go down. My primary gift is as a songwriter. As a songwriter and musician, you love all types of music. I have written country songs, gospel, contemporary Christian music, pop, R&B, and jazz. I love artists like Carole King, Carly Simon, Billy Joel, and Stevie Wonder.

Can you describe the emotions and feelings that you got after completing your single “Destiny”?

The funny thing is that I wrote the song 10 years ago. I always say the songs are like fine wine and they get better with age. The emotions around the song were very powerful. When I am writing songs, it’s often with tears and with snot because I am pouring out my heart from something that I live through. In this case with “Destiny”, it was a real heartbreaking decision to put myself on the back burner to raise a daughter that I didn’t see coming. So that’s why I wrote this song.

What’s the message of the song and what do you hope listeners take away when listening to the lyrics of the song?

The message of the song is that your failures aren’t final and that everything can be achieved if you just see yourself as worthy, even though you may have done some things that you didn’t think were worthy.

How does the song reflect your own personal experience?

To me, it was a song about failure because as much as I love my family, I started my family before I planned to. My passion for family and all that encompasses brought so much wholeness to my life.

What was the experience like performing as Regina Madre? Why was being anonymous important for you?

I have done some performing as Rebecca. I didn’t do a whole lot of gigging as Regina because I was trying to hide my identity. I didn’t want to be judged based on the merit of who I was married to. However, I wanted to be judged on, “Do you like the song or do you not like the song?” I felt it was the best way to get support. I am very thankful because people really resonated with my music.

It was important to me because I just wanted to test the market without people knowing what I did for a living.

What made you decide that now was the right moment to start using your real identity in your music career?

I have challenged that notion a couple of times. The reason I came forward was that I wanted to do bigger promotions and press included. We found that hard to do without revealing myself. I looked at all the ways that I could disguise myself and it didn’t feel authentic. I thought I would probably crack up and give myself away.

At this point in your life, who was the person who helped guide you to get you to where you are now?

My amazing husband, Terry Crews. He was the one who taught me to not give up. He is relentless. He also encourages and motivates people around him. I didn’t know what was possible until I watched him bulldoze his face into Hollywood. He just wouldn’t quit. He is a megastar to me.

Over the years, you’ve been a huge supporter of health-centered causes. Can you describe your relationship with American Heart Association, Celebrity Fight Night Foundation, and Padres Contra el Cancer?

American Heart Association was very near and dear to us because my mom is a survivor of a heart attack and stroke. My mother was hospitalized in 2013 and she had a 98 percent blockage in her carotid artery and a 99 percent blockage going into her heart. She is a testament to the early warning notifications. As for the Padres organization, we were grandfathered in through Eva Longoria’s charitable works. What was important about Padres was that they were targeting a community that was underserved and undervalued.

Are there any future projects that you are working on or will be working on?

We are going to be doing some new recording so there will be new music in the new year. I hope to be releasing new singles in January and February. There are also some fun television things that I will be doing. My husband and I did an episode of The Bachelor which will air in January where we are advising the bachelor and his contestants on how to pick a strong woman. We will be doing Family Feud. We are also working on a book.

Lastly, we still believe in our brand as a family aside from the acting and the music. We are passionate about families and couples making it. We would like to see the divorces go down in this country because people don’t know how to stay and work through certain things.


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Singer-Songwriter Rebecca Crews Steps into Spotlight with New Single “Destiny”. Image Credits: Piper Ferguson

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