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Shocking New Video Of Cops Killing Texas Man At Traffic Stop


Published 7 hours ago

Newly released police video of a traffic stop turned deadly at the hands of police reveals the victim, Javier Ambler, begged cops to spare his life while they tasered him to death. The incident took place a year ago in Austin, Texas.

Ambler, who was pulled over for failing to dim his lights, told police he had congestive heart failure, saying “I can’t breathe” as they tasered him multiple times. Ambler gasped for breath and desperately said “save me” as the officers tasered him a fourth time, after which he lost consciousness.

According to the Austin Statesman, a local prosecutor involved in the investigation of Ambler’s death also says the circumstances are troubling because it was being filmed for A&E Network’s real-time police show Live PD.

Ambler’s death was ruled a homicide and no arrests were made. Live PD also refused to hand over the footage from its camera crew to Ambler’s family.

Attorney Ben Crump tweeted about the incident, sharing the horrific video, and demanding justice for Ambler. “WARNING: New body cam video shows #JavierAmbler DIED bc of Austin PD after he told them he had congestive heart failure & COULDN’T BREATHE,” Crump wrote. “This was ruled a HOMICIDE in 2019, yet NONE of the officers are under investigation… DA Moore, we need answers!! https://

You can see the video here. [CONTENT WARNING: Graphic Violence, Police Brutality, Death]

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