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Shawn Johnson Says TSA Agent “Groped” Her When She Traveled With Breast Milk


Olympian Shawn Johnson Reveals the Name of Her 2nd Child

Shawn Johnson recently shared a harrowing experience while at the airport.

The 29-year-old Olympian, who welcomed her second child in July with husband Andrew East, took to Instagram Stories over the weekend to discuss an uncomfortable incident that allegedly occurred with a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent.

In a since-expired post—which Shawn first shared on Sunday, Oct. 10, and was captured by The New York Post—the retired gymnast accused an unidentified TSA agent of inappropriately touching her before she was set to board her flight.

“We as mamas have a duty to our babies and a right in this world to carry breast milk through security,” she wrote on Instagram Stories. “Having you public [sic] humiliate me in proving to you it was actually breast milk was against my rights.”

She added, “To then be groped and yelled at in public was excessive. I know you were doing your job… but so was I.”

The former athlete, who has been an open book about her breastfeeding journey, continued her Instagram Story, “To the lady at the TSA checkpoint having a bad day… I’m really sorry you have had a bad day but taking it out on me was unnecessary.”

She concluded, “I can honestly say that was one of the worst experiences I have had.”

Instagram / Shawn Johnson

Although Shawn didn’t disclose where the alleged incident occurred, she posted an Instagram photo of herself having “the best time” at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas on Oct. 11.

She also wrote that she was away from her family for less than 24 hours.

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