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Shaq’s Kids: Everything To Know About His 6 Kids From Youngest To Oldest & Their Moms


Shaq is a doting father to Me’arah, Shaqir, Amirah, Shareef, Myles, and Taahirah. Here’s everything to know about the former basketball player’s six children.

Shaquille O’Neal, commonly known as just Shaq, 49, might be known as one of the best basketball players of all time, but another title might occasionally elude him among fans given his vast empire: doting dad. The former basketball player is a proud dad to six children, more specifically, three daughters and three sons: Me’arah, 15, Shaqir, 18, Amirah, 19, Shareef, 21, Myles, 24, and Taahirah, 25, whom he shares with two former partners.

The sports analyst has spoken about his children before, previously offering insights on his tough love parenting style while speaking to PEOPLE in 2015. “I expect them to do their best,” Shaq said. “My son got a D on a paper one time, and he said he couldn’t find the information. I went off.” The former athlete joked, “I said, ‘Let me tell you something, buddy. You’ve got Google. You got Bing. What do you mean you can’t find it? When I was your age, I had to go to a neighbor’s house and buy an encyclopedia.’”

“The world is at our fingertips,” he continued. “As adults, we have to help kids realize that.” It might sound tough, but it’s clear the former basketball player loves his children. Below is everything you should know about Shaq’s six children, most of which whom take after their father and have basketball in their blood.

Me’arah O’Neal 

At 15, Me’arah is Shaq’s youngest child and one of the four children that he shares with his ex-wife Shaunie O’Neal. Like her father, basketball is in her blood. The teen plays for Crossroads School in Santa Monica,

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