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Selena Gomez's Eye Rolls and Everything Else to Love About Her Bond With Martin Short and Steve Martin


Only Murders in the Building Stars Talk Show’s Growing Success

Has anyone ever looked less impressed than Selena Gomez about working with two comedy legends?

“Well, this was my life every day for five months,” she informed Stephen Colbert on the Late Show last year, pointing to her Only Murders in the Building co-stars Martin Short and Steve Martin. The longtime buddies had, naturally, started hamming it up in their respective ways the minute they hit the stage, firing a barrage of wisecracks about the host’s new mustache, Martin assuring Gomez as they sat down, “Sorry, you’ll get to speak in a minute.”

The singer-actress admitted she wasn’t sure how audiences were going to react to their odd-trio murder-mystery comedy (now back for a second season on Hulu) and she was pleasantly “shocked” at the warm reception. Then that quickly devolved into Martin saying he was also shocked by a particularly good review Short received. “Because,” Martin explained, “I was there.” Short proceeded to suggest Martin had been huffing something out of a bag.

Gomez, with a wince and an “Oh, Marty” shake of her head, turned back to Colbert, getting the interview back on the rails.

Alternating compliments with good-natured ridicule, guffaws with sniffs of exasperation, pats on the back with eye rolls?

Why, they’re family!

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“In that we often eat meals together in total silence,” Gomez deadpanned after Short suggested that very concept when the pair presented at the SAG Awards in February. (Or “Shag Awards,” as Short joked, prompting that now-signature wince from his co-star. “Yes,

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