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Selena Gomez Claps Back At Body Shamers On TikTok: ‘I’m Perfect The Way I Am’



April 11, 2022 12:45PM EDT

In a candid TikTok video, Selena Gomez said that she doesn’t worry about her weight, which ebbs and flows due to health issues, since ‘people bitch about it anyway.’

Don’t mess with Selena Gomez. The 29-year-old singer clapped back at body-shaming comments on TikTok, first by proudly admitting to some cheat foods she recently indulged in. “So I be trying to stay skinny, but I went to Jack in the Box and I got four tacos, three egg rolls, onion rings and a spicy chicken sandwich,” she said in the April 10 video.

Selena then explained that she isn’t letting the unwarranted critical comments about her weight get to her. “Honestly, I don’t care about my weight because people bitch about it anyway. ‘You’re too small,’ ‘you’re too big,’ ‘that doesn’t fit.’ ‘Meh meh meh meh,’ ” she said. “B**ch, I am perfect the way I am. Moral of the story? Bye,” Selena added.

Selena has never been afraid to acknowledge, and defend, her weight struggles. She’s endured numerous health issues, including a kidney transplant and lupus, and so Selena’s weight ebbs and flows. She explained on pal Raquelle Stevens’ video podcast Giving Back Generation in Nov. 2019 that her medication causes her weight to “fluctuate.” “It depends on what’s happening in my life,” she added.

The Only Murders in the Building actress also admitted at the time that public commenting on her body “got to me big time” and “really messed me up for a bit.” However, she learned over time to block out the criticism. “I don’t care to expose myself to everyone and hear what they have to say about it,” Selena,

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