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‘The Masked Singer’s Hamster Reveals Why Pal Kevin James Would Be ‘Perfect’ For The Show


The Hamster has been revealed! The well-known comedian spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about how he pulled off performing in the costume and which of his famous friends would do the best on the show.

And the Hamster is… Rob Schneider! The famous comedian was unmasked and revealed as the hilarious Hamster on the October 20 episode of The Masked Singer. While his time on The Masked Singer has come to an end, his performances will go down as some of the most fun and memorable moments.

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Rob about why he decided to do the show, and the comedian admitted that he wanted to do something his young kids could watch. He also revealed that it was “really hot and very sweaty” inside the Hamster suit, and he went to great lengths not to overheat. The comedian even weighed in about which of his famous comedy friends would do the best on this show.

Rob SchneiderRob Schneider was revealed as the Hamster. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

Why did you decide to do The Masked Singer? When was the moment you said, “I’m in?”
Rob Schneider: I was flipping the channels one day, and I heard about the show and I watched it. I was like, “Why haven’t they called me yet?” This is the one show I’m perfect for because it’s athletes, comedians, singers, and it’s fun. My kids love it. I’ve got little kids so they’re not able to see my movies, yet, or maybe ever. I want them to see something that I do, so it’s a nice little surprise when we see it.

How did you settle on the Hamster costume?

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