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Rihanna shows Off Close-Up Of Baby Bump & Admits She’s ‘Preggo AF’ In New Video



March 21, 2022 9:25AM EDT

If this is what motherhood looks like, sign Rihanna up. The ‘Work’ singer gave fans a good look at her and A$AP Rocky’s child while flaunting her ‘bootydo’ baby bump.

“Takin’ booty do’ to new levels,” Rihanna captioned the video she posted to her Instagram Story on Sunday (Mar. 20), along with the #preggoAF hashtag. In the clip, Rihanna, 34, showed off her massive belly as it peeked out of her Gravedigger monster truck t-shirt. As Urban Dictionary is so handy to point out, a “bootydo” is when a “young lady has a larger stomach” than her backside, meaning that your “stomach sticks out more than your bootydo.” However, Rihanna is embracing this term as she prepares to welcome her and A$AP Rocky‘s first child.

Rihanna also posted a close-up of the pregnancy glow on her face. It complemented her newest addition to the Fenty beauty line. “I’m not gon’ lie,” she wrote. “We f—cke this new lipgloss color UUPPP!!! #BubbleBinge is easily my new obsession.” Rihanna flaunted her lips, the Fenty Bubble Binge Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream, and her bump.

These bump videos come days after Rihanna spoke with about motherhood and how The Real Housewives will be a major influence on her parenting style. Spoiler alert: she will be a major mama bear, one who will go wild if you get between her and her cubs. “Heather Dubrow is so chic while being a mom,” RiRi said of the Real Housewives of Orange County star. “Just love the way that she just allows her kids to be who they are. And that’s really inspiring to me. But Teresa [Giudice] from [Real Housewives of New Jersey] does not play about her kids.

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