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Republican National Convention: When & How To See Melania, Ivanka & Donald Trump’s Speeches


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August 24, 2020 12:17PM EDT

Beginning August 24, the GOP starts the process of nominating Donald Trump at the RNC — again. Here’s how to tune in to watch speeches from Trump, FLOTUS, and more GOP leaders.

Four days after Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 race, the Republican party will make the case for President Donald Trump. The Republican National Convention begins on Monday, August 24, ending on Thursday, August 27 with their party nomination. Before that, though, comes three days of speeches from Trump’s closest allies in the Republican party, along with members of his family, like Melania and Ivanka Trump.

Unlike the Democratic National Convention, which featured phenomenal performances from artists like Billie Eilish, and jokes from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, there will be no celebrities present during the RNC. Somewhat shockingly, Mark and Patricia McCloskey — the couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis — are guests of honor. While the RNC will be mostly virtual this year, like the DNC, there are still in-person events planned in Charlotte, South Carolina. More than 2500 people have died from COVID-19 in the state.

Live coverage begins at 9:00pm ET every night, ending at 11:00pm ET, and there’s a variety of ways to watch the event. First, you can tune in HERE, on HollywoodLife, by watching the above livestream located above. All major news networks will be carrying coverage, if you prefer TV. Online, you can watch via Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and Amazon Prime. Check out the full schedule of RNC speakers below.

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