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Plus-Size Model Brooke Finally Got the Confidence She Deserves on Dr. 90210


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A life-changing experience.

Brooke lost almost 200 pounds through diet and exercise, and now, she’s ready for a tummy tuck that will rid her of the excess skin that formed during her transformation. 

The 26-year old California local and first-time Dr. 90210 patient paid a visit to Dr. Cat Begovic on tonight’s all-new episode, and the plastic surgeon listened as Brooke recounted her life story in addition to what the procedure would mean to her. 

“I’m a plus-size model, but as a child, I actually was ashamed of my body. I felt like I was made wrong and I was using food to cope with feeling like I’m not like everyone else,” Brooke explained. “That’s something I’m still healing from.”

She continued, “Losing the skin is not about changing my body—I’m very proud of my body—but I am looking forward to the day where my skin is not a focus. I’m ready to just really redefine who I am now and let go of who I was.”

Brooke goes on to tell Dr. Cat that she was at her heaviest in high school, weighing 400 pounds. She ended up losing nearly half of that, but the weight didn’t stay off very long: “I went to college and I gained it all back.”

“Then I was like, you know what, I’m sick of living like this. It was a lifestyle change at this point,” Brooke added, revealing that she currently weighed 195 pounds. 

“You should be super proud of yourself,” Dr. Cat responded. “That’s amazing!”

Now, Brooke is “done dieting” and just ready to get rid of the excess skin—especially since it’s holding her back not physically,

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