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Pete Davidson Can't Stop Laughing During This Nautical-Themed SNL Skit With Colin Jost


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It was anything but smooth sailing for Pete Davidson during one particular sketch on Saturday Night Live last night. 

As part of a segment on Weekend Update, Davidson joined Colin Jost and ‘Guy Who Just Bought A Boat’ Alex Moffat to discuss the Staten Island ferry that he purchased with Jost and a third partner on Jan. 19. That is, if he could stop laughing at Moffat’s nautical euphemisms first. 

Dressed in a beanie with a cigarette tucked into it and holding onto a can covered in a paper bag, Davidson delightfully made his arrival by announcing to the audience that, “We bought a ferry! The windowless van of the sea.”

He also shared his amazement over everyone’s interest in their recent purchase. “Even the mayor tweeted about it, which is how I found out we have a new mayor?” He said, referring to the recently elected New York City mayor Eric Adams. “What happened to Bloomberg?”

After the punchline, Davidson immediately burst into laughter but attempted to hide it behind his drink.

When Jost reminded him that they did a sketch about Adams last week, Davidson dryly replied, “Oh, yeah, I’m gone as soon as my last sketch is over.” 

Davidson later ended up fully breaking character after one of Moffat’s jokes that his “boat”—a thinly-veiled euphemism for his character’s penis—was the width of “a tuna can,” causing the 28-year-old comedian to almost do a spit take and duck his head down to hide his laughter. Despite his best efforts, Jost also began to laugh. 

To keep himself from joining in, Moffat turned to Jost and placed an arm on his shoulder,

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