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Obama Says Trump Suppressing Votes By Not Funding USPS


Published 20 hours ago

Written by Madison J. Gray

Former president Barack Obama attacked President Trump after he said that he is against funding the United State Postal Service in order to hinder a rise in mail-in ballots, which could make it tougher for him to win the election in November.

In a tweet Friday morning (August 14), Obama accused the Trump administration of looking at seniors and others who depend on the U.S. Mail as “collateral damage” in his efforts to manipulate voting.

Everyone depends on the USPS. Seniors for their Social Security, veterans for their prescriptions, small businesses trying to keep their doors open. They can’t be collateral damage for an administration more concerned with suppressing the vote than suppressing a virus.

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 14, 2020

During an interview with Fox Business Network, Trump said that he opposes two relief packages that Democrats are pushing in Congress, but have stalled. Without money, the Postal Service would not be able to handle the increase in mail-in ballots from voters who wish to avoid polling places in an effort to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Now, they need that money in order to make the post office work, so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots,” Trump said. “Now, if we don’t make a deal, that means they don’t get the money. That means they can’t have universal mail-in voting, they just can’t have it.”

Trump has said for several weeks that he believes mail-in ballots could lead to voter fraud. His campaign has joined a lawsuit against two Democratic-voting counties in Iowa to invalidate many thousands of voter absentee ballot applications,

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