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Nobody's Perfect: Emily Osment Reveals She's Never Seen Hannah Montana


Emily Osment copped to something “terrible” by revealing she’s never actually seen Hannah Montana, despite playing Miley Cyrus’ bestie on screen for years.

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Emily Osment has a confession to make. She knows it might be “terrible,” but she’s never actually watched that one beloved Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. Did we mention she starred on it for five years?

Emily, who played Miley (Miley Cyrus‘) best friend Lilly, revealed on the Chicks in the Office podcast that she still hasn’t seen the show.  

When asked if she’s gone back to watch old episodes, Emily replied, “I can’t even tell you whether I’ve watched it at all—is that terrible?” As the hosts noted, it’s more common than you’d think among stars.

Emily explained there was an exception: episode No. 1.

“I remember watching the premiere, because they had a party for us on stage,” she recalled. “And I remember that was such an interesting time, because we had no idea what it was going to be, that it was just going to be this sensation that, like, swept the world.”

The Pretty Smart actress said they were halfway through filming season one by the time it came out and they could see the huge audience reaction. “The immediate change that we felt just walking around in the world was so weird,” Emily shared during the Oct. 13 episode.

In fact, it seemed like the success of the show changed her relationship with Miley. “I mean, Miley used to come with me to my school dances and, like, nobody knew who she was and then immediately everything changed,” Emily went on.

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