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National Guard Mobilizes In Kenosha For Jacob Blake Decision


Published 16 hours ago

Kenosha, Wisconsin authorities are reportedly bracing for potential unrest as prosecutors are slated to announce whether Officer Rusten Sheskey will face charges for shooting Jacob Blake in August.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers mobilized 500 members of the National Guard on Monday (January 4) to assist local officials. According to Hannah Hilyard of WISN, workers installed temporary fencing around government buildings in Kenosha.

The Kenosha City Council was scheduled to vote Monday night on a resolution that would give the mayor emergency powers following an announcement over whether charges will be filed against Sheskey. Prosecutors told city officials that the decision would come within the next two weeks.

In the wake of late August shooting, protests broke out, causing property damage throughout the city.

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On August 23, a viral video showed Blake walking towards his vehicle as officers had their guns drawn on him. As soon as he entered the car, one of the officers began shooting him multiple times in front of his three sons. 

He had reportedly been attempting to break up a fight between two women when officers were called to the scene. 

The officers involved in his shooting — including actual shooter Rusten Sheskey — have since been placed on administrative leave.

In October, Blake was released from the hospital — where, at one point, police had him handcuffed to his bed — and moved to a spinal injury rehabilitation center in Illinois. 

BET has been covering every angle of the police killings of George Floyd,

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