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National Action Network’s Commitment March


Published 11 hours ago

11:20 a.m.: The number of people gathering at Washington D.C.’s National Mall and in front of the Lincoln Memorial is growing as the 2020 Commitment March gets under way. Speakers from the Black Lives Matter movement and other activists are beginning to take the microphone from various movement.

According to CBS News, among the expected speakers will be: Tylik McMillian, youth coordinator, National Action Network; Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, Marc Morial, president, National Urban League; Yolanda King, granddaughter of Martin Luther King; George Floyd family attorney Benjamin Crump; Rep. Karen Bass; Martin Luther King III; Rev. Al Sharpton, and the families of Floyd, Eric Garner, Jacob Blake and Breonna Taylor.

Sen. Kamala Harris Announces Her Participation In March On Washington

10:05 a.m.: As people begin to gather in Washington D.C. for the 2020 Commitment March on Washington, several political leaders are expected to join them, including Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

The California senator announced on Twitter that she would be joining Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network in the event, which commemorates the 57th anniversary of the original March on Washington in 1963. She will reportedly be joining the event virtually.

“This moment is a reminder that we must always honor the sacrifice of the leaders who made that march happen,” said Harris. “From the names we know like Randolph and Farmer, Young and King. To everyone who worked behind the scenes and sacrificed quietly, but profoundly, far from the lights of history.

The event is scheduled to get under way at 11 a.m. Friday at Washington D.C.’s National Mall and thousands are expected to travel from many parts of the country to participate.

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