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Miss Alaska Crowned Miss America 2022


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All hail Miss America 2022

Miss Alaska Emma Broyles officially sealed the deal to take home the title (and the stunning crown!) on Thursday, Dec. 16. The 100th anniversary of the annual competition was held at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Resort and broadcast live across all time zones on NBCU streaming service Peacock at 8 p.m.

The first runner up was Miss Alabama Lauren Bradford; the second runner up was Miss Massachusetts Elizabeth Pierre; the third runner up was Miss New York Sydney Park; and the fourth runner up was Miss Oregon Abigail Hayes.

During her onstage interview, Emma shared, “I want to show people that I am just like everybody else. I think that people tend to put Miss America and Miss America titleholders up on this pedestal.”

She continued, “But one thing that I really try to do, especially as Miss Alaska, is show people that I am real. I have flaws. I have ADHD. I have dermatillomania, which is a form of OCD. I’ve struggled with all of these things and, because of that, I am a better person.”

Emma spoke about how she “hit rock bottom” during the coronavirus pandemic, saying that being isolated in her college dorm room for “so long” was incredibly “difficult” for her. She eventually realized, “I can be so much more than that,” got her ADHS diagnosis and “finally got everything figured out.” 


Now that she has received medication and has been in support groups, she said, “I’ve been able to find my true self.” She wants to tell fans, “A lot of people don’t recognize that their low points are what are going to propel them into their future.” 

Fifty women from across the U.S.

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