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Michelle Obama Reveals What Initially ‘Attracted’ Her To Barack: He’s A ‘Rare’ Man


It wasn’t love at first sight when Michelle Obama met Barack, but it was definitely infatuation, she confessed on her podcast. Something about the future president that set him apart from the other guys…

Finding someone like Barack Obama is a rarity, Michelle Obama said on the September 2 episode of her Spotify podcast. The former FLOTUS confessed what initially attracted her to her husband of 27 years in an intimate discussion about marriage, revealing that his confidence was key to winning her heart. He was all in on their relationship from the very beginning.

“Once [Barack and I] started talking and became friends, he was very clear — just like, ‘I want to date you. At least in my experience up until then, men would be coy. They would, you know, sort of look around the room. It was all so complicated, and it felt, a little immature,” she explained in her conversation with Conan O’Brien, looking back on when she and her husband first met in 1989, while both working at a Chicago law firm. The future president was none of those things. He wasn’t playing games.

“What struck me about Barack was his, lack of pretense,” Michelle said. “I mean, he was somebody who knew what he wanted, and wasn’t afraid to say it. And, I thought, ‘well, if he’s that in tune with his emotions that he can that say out loud to somebody that doesn’t know.’ He didn’t know whether I liked him back! He was like, ‘look, let me tell you, this is what I think about you: I think you’re special, I think you’re different, and I would like to take you out.’ And that was rare.

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