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Michael Jordan’s Kids: Everything to Know About The Basketball Legend’s 5 Children


Everything to know about Michael Jordan’s five children Jasmine, Jeffrey, Marcus, and twins Victoria and Ysabel.

Michael Jordan is by all accounts an NBA legend, having been inducted into the Hall of Fame and leading his former team, the Chicago Bulls, to six championship wins during the 1990s. But to his five children Jasmine, 28, Jeffrey, 32, Marcus, 30, and twins Victoria and Ysabel, both 7, the former athlete and businessman, 58, is simply good ol’ “homebody” and “private” dad.

The NBA goliath shares his youngest twins with current wife Yvette Prieto, whom he wed in 2013, and his three adult children with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy. Michael has always been low key about his private life, separating his prolific career from his personal life — so much so that his children initially had no idea that he was a pretty big deal.

Jasmine told InStyle in 2018 that she did not initially understand the scope of her father’s career. “He was ‘dad,’ and that was it,” she said. “It wasn’t until my pre-teens at about 12 or 13 years old that I literally went on YouTube and looked up ‘Michael Jordan’ just to see why everyone was so obsessed. I remember being younger and my classmates telling me, ‘You’re so lucky to have Michael Jordan as a dad.’”

“They always questioned what it was like, and all I could say is ‘he’s just my dad and it’s fun,’” she continued. “It didn’t hit me that he was the phenomenon that he is. I would ask him questions all the time like, ‘Why do you think you’re the greatest?’ and he would just laugh.” Below is everything you should know about the greatest’s five children,

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