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Michael Cohen Admits ‘I Wanted To Smack Trump’ For Creepy Comments About Daughter



September 14, 2020 12:08PM EDT

Michael Cohen confessed on ‘The View’ that if he wasn’t part of the ‘Trump cult’ he would have smacked Donald Trump ‘across the head’ for making creepy comments about his teenage daughter, Samantha.

If he had a do-over, Michael Cohen says he would have “smacked” Donald Trump after his boss made inappropriate comments about his then-teenage daughter, Samantha Cohen. On the September 14 episode of The View, host Joy Behar grilled the president’s former fixer about the way he reacted — or rather, didn’t — when Trump allegedly called 15-year-old Samantha a “piece of ass” in 2012. Behar demanded that Cohen tell her, right then, what he would have said to Trump, had he not been intimidated, as he insisted.

“I would have liked to smack him across the side of the head,” Cohen said, confessing that he was “ashamed” that he didn’t defend his teenage daughter. Cohen said nothing as Trump allegedly objectified Samantha and made her uncomfortable, he wrote in Disloyal: A Memoir, because he didn’t want to challenge his boss. “Under any other circumstances, I never would have let anybody speak about her that way. But, I was part of the cult, and there was really no wrong that he could do. I knew it was wrong. I don’t have an answer,” he said on The View, adding that Samantha told him she thought he was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

“I never would have allowed someone to speak about my daughter in such a disrespectful way,” Cohen said. “And I did because, as so many people say, ‘let Trump be Trump.’ And that’s the problem with this country,

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