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Kim Kardashian Refused To Be Filmed From The Waist Down During ‘This Is Paris’ Interview, Director Claims



October 27, 2020 2:16AM EDT

Kim Kardashian’s sharp eye for camera angles impressed the director of Paris Hilton’s new documentary, who said the ‘KUWTK’ star was ‘controlling everything.’

Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian has a particular eye for camera angles. This made the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star have a very particular request while filming her interview for Paris Hilton’s new documentary, This Is Paris, according to director Alexandra Dean. “Kim did not want me to shoot her trousers,” Alexandra claimed on the Oct. 25 episode of the Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef podcast.

Kim Kardashian(Photo Credit: MEGA)

There was a reason behind this alleged request, though. The socialite-turned-entrepreneur apparently didn’t want to be filmed from the waist-down “cause she didn’t know that our lens was going to be as wide as it was,” the director explained. She added, “So [Kim] didn’t want the interview to start until we changed the lens and she knew it was gonna be a mid shot.”

Kim’s command of the interview impressed Alexandra. “Kardashian takes it to another level. She has orchestrated everything around her before you get close to doing an interview,” Paris’s documentary director revealed, adding, “I saw a real powerful, powerful intellect sitting across from me. She knew exactly what I was saying, exactly what [footage] I was going to use; her mind was way ahead of me. She was controlling everything in that room, noticed everything, saw everything.”

Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton(Photo Credit: SplashNews)

“She does everything. She’s brilliant,” Alexandra continued to gush. “And she’s she’s way ahead of most people intellectually, which is why she was able to train herself to be a lawyer without going to law school,

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