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Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson’s Relationship Status Now That She’s Seeing Someone New


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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Celebrities at Craig's Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA - 13 Jan 2019

Los Angeles, CA  - Tristan Thompson arrives in a limo to attend his daughter True's dance class in Los Angeles.  Pictured: Tristan Thompson  BACKGRID USA 3 JANUARY 2022   USA: +1 310 798 9111 /  UK: +44 208 344 2007 /  *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

Calabasas, CA  - *EXCLUSIVE*  - Tristen Thompson was seen showing Khloe Kardashian some love as the co-parents arrived to watch their daughter True at dance class, as he placed his arm around her for a hug. While Khloe and Tristen are kind and affectionate to each other, they probably aren't back together. Tristen has met Khloe multiple times at True's dance class and they always drive separately. Tristen seems to want to chat with Khloe before she heads home to Calabasas, but the pair always cut things off after a few minutes with Tristen heading the opposite way. However difficult it may be to be co-parenting x's, Khloe and Tristen are doing a bang-up job at keeping it kind for True. It looks like Khloe has the upper hand in the relationship, as Tristen seems to be the one putting in all of the efforts.  Pictured: Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, True Thompson  BACKGRID USA 23 AUGUST 2021   BYLINE MUST READ: IXOLA / BACKGRID  USA: +1 310 798 9111 /  UK: +44 208 344 2007 /  *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

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Now that Khloe Kardashian, 37, is interested in dating again, fans can’t help but wonder what her relationship is like with her ex and father of her one child, Tristan Thompson, 31. According to an insider, she has completely moved on from Tristan, who cheated on her not once but twice, even fathering a baby with another woman when they were together. “Despite everything that went down between Khloe and Tristan on a romantic level, she will always have love for him as the father of her daughter,” a source close to the KarJenners EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.

“Khloe has been hurt by Tristan before, but she’s moved on from the past and just wants to focus on positivity and doing what’s best for her and True,” the source continued. “It was important for Khloe to have True celebrate Father’s Day with her dad, and it will always be important to Khloe to cultivate that bond they have with each other. She has no hard feelings about Tristan and this weekend was all about True and her dad.”

Khloe and Tristan were photographed spending time with their daughter and Khloe’s mom, Kris Jenner, on June 18, and HL‘s insider also gave some insight into their reunion that occurred on Father’s Day itself. “Khloe and True celebrated Father’s Day with Tristan this past weekend along with several other family members. They had a nice relaxing day, took True to her dance [recital], and then went out for lunch and just spent the day as a family together,” they divulged.

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