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Katie Willcox is Proving That Healthy is the New Skinny

How do you stay positive, especially when social media can be such a negative world?
Oh, man, it is hard out there on social media. I found myself getting caught up in the falseness that is Instagram and then I decided I wouldn’t be a part of it. My husband and I call it the “Insta life” when people we know post a life that is totally not the life they are really living but the one they want others to believe they are. Seeing that happen and seeing so many girls sexualize themselves in hopes for opportunities instead of creating it themselves makes me sad, but it also inspires me to show girls that there are other ways of living. When I finally let go of what other people thought of me or my life and I just started valuing my real life vs. Insta life, my content became so natural. I love being happy and laughing every day. That’s not to say I don’t have bad days or hormonal ones, but when I do, I post that, too! When you are yourself, it is like letting out a big exhale of breath because you don’t have to pretend to live; you can just be. It feels good to just be because real life doesn’t always have a perfect color scheme and consistent lighting.  

As a model, author, co-host for your podcast, founder of a model management, mother, and more, we just can’t help but wonder: how do you do it?
Triple shots of espresso. Next question! [Laughs]

I have no idea how I do it, and I think that we all hope there will be an awesome answer to that question, but the reality is, as women, we take on a lot of responsibilities. We are mothers and partners, and my generation is the first generation of amazing female entrepreneurs who are choosing both their careers and being mothers. I think the key for me has been having a loving and supportive partner who is on the same page. I love the slogan “The future is female,” but really I think the future is equality. My husband and I are a team without gender roles. We just have personal skill sets that dictate our roles so we can function to the best of our ability as a family. I also have amazing employees who are smart women and an awesome assistant who helps keep my life in order. I currently have messy hair, need to shave my legs, and my mustache is O.O.C. (out of control).

Most of the time, I feel like I haven’t done enough and I don’t get enough sleep, but that is how much I care. I am not sure that feeling will ever go away, but what helps is knowing I get to spend my days doing what I am passionate about and being with my husband and daughter. There are the good days when I take a shower, shave, have a cute outfit on, and kick ass, but it is not every day and I am okay with that. Also, making checklists are key, and I get little moments of time for myself. For instance, yesterday I did a spin class and jumped in the pool after. I just floated in silence and it felt amazing. It is okay to celebrate little victories each day.

What do you see next in your present or future? Any exciting new beginnings you’re working on?
Well, I am a Pisces, so yes, I am always thinking of new things! I really, really love being a mother and when I had True, I instantly felt this overwhelming amount of love that I had not felt before. It made me feel sad knowing that our daughter will be loved, cared for, and accepted for who she is no matter what, and yet there are so many children out there will not. I don’t understand it. My husband is adopted, so we want to pay it forward and foster or adopt in the future to give a child who many never have the opportunity to feel that same love I have for True.

My husband is a crazy talented home designer and has flipped two houses in Palm Springs. He is now working on some new building designs he wants to do, and because he always supported me in starting Natural Model Management and all the dreams that I have, I want to help him pursue his dream as well. He is starting a design company called True Design and is starting with a new home for our family up in the mountains.

As for me, I want to write a second book about the power of becoming a mother and how to cope with your changing body. I’d also like to venture into children’s books to teach self-love and body image at a much younger age. I just go with the flow and know that as long as you are working towards making the world a better place, you will be used in amazing ways. I remind myself of that and keep my options open, welcoming opportunities and places where I am needed most.

For more information, visit HealthyIsTheNewSkinny.com and KatieHWillcox.com.

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Katie Willcox is Proving That Healthy is the New Skinny: Photographs courtesy of Bradford Willcox

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