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Karrueche Tran Joins Joins Season 2 Of ‘Games People Play’


Published 14 hours ago

Karrueche Tran is officially joining the cast of BET’s Games People Play!

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In a season-long story arc during the show’s second season, Tran will play Eden Lazlo, the daughter of the LA Vipers owner and newly named VP of basketball operations. Most recently, she played Virginia on TNT’s Claws and was seen on Fox’s Deputy as Genevieve.

Games People Play is based on the book Games Divas Play by Angela Burt-Murray and depicts high stakes life in Los Angeles. The hour-long scripted drama is executive produced by Tracey Edmonds. Tran will be joining series regulars Sarunas J. Jackson, Karen Obilom, Parker McKenna Posey, Jackie Long, and Kendall Kyndall. Lauren London will also return in a limited role.

Season two will pick up with Marques (played by Jackson) and Vanessa (played by London) learning the paternity of their new child. Simultaneously, Nia’s (played by Obilom) investigation into a secret society puts her relationship with MJ (played by Kyndall) and Laila (played by Posey) up in the air.

Photo: Jerod Harris/Getty Images for The Environmental Media Association

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